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5 lbs of boneless/skinless chicken thighs (trim off most of excess fat!)

*1 can of Rotel – original – undrained

1/2 cup – green enchilada sauce -mild (save remaining sauce)

**1/2 cup – chicken stock or broth (unsalted)

1 1/2 tblsps – H&H Salsa Mix – Mild

1 tblsp – garlic powder

chili powder

2 tblsp – olive oil

spray oil

large cutting board

*optional – use Rotel-chunky (any flavor) instead of original

**substitute 1/2 cup of Dos Equis-Amber – or any dark beer – instead of chicken stock


1) Spray oil inside of 3-5qt Slow-Cooker - turn on Low

2) In a large mixing bowl with whisk mix the next 3 ingredients – set aside

3) Sprinkle both sides of thighs w/chili powder set on large platter or plate

4) In a large no-stick skillet w/lid – pour in 1 tblsp of oil – turn on med high

5) Soon as oil is hot - add 5-6 thighs at a time–and only cook ’til you browned both sides of all thighs

6) Placed browned thighs into slow-cooker

7) Pour ingredients from mixing bowl over thighs and add H&H and garlic powder on top – stir all 2 times

8) Cook on low 6 to 8 hrs

Remove thighs with slotted spoon onto cutting board – drain excess liquids into container – with large-bladed knife loosely chop up the thigh meat, place back into slow-cooker and mix in remaining green enchilada sauce (and maybe some of that optional beer!).  Set cooker to ‘Keep Warm’ and go get yore fixin’s ready!

We eat this with:  corn/flour tortillas – sour cream – guacamole – lettuce – fresh diced tomatoes – pico de gallo – taco sauce/red – green sauce – grated cheddar cheese – homemade spanish rice – peppers/corn and black beans.

This stuff is Nummy-Yummy!

By: René Baures