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Okay!  So every year since you guys have been coming to the L.A. County Fair a.k.a The Pomona Fair, I have bought two can’s of this 30 second Salsa “Magic!!” (Yummy!) And every Year, you beg me to post my Bloody Mary Creations!!  Trust me…………….there is no limits to what I have done with this 30 second salsa mix!!

My Bloody Mary Creations:

Shelly’s Bloody Mary (Best Bloody Mary you’ll ever have!!)

2 Full Shots of Vodka

Dash Of Worcestershire Sauce

Take a butter knife and dip it into Prepared Horseradish and get a little scoop of like maybe a half inch, and stir it in.

A couple sprinkles of Celery Salt (better if you can find Celery Salt without the salt. I’ve found it at Vons.)

A quart of Lime squeezed in the juice (We use a half…. We like the lime taste)

Then Add V8 Juice to Fill up glass, then add 30SSM at the end!

Approx. 1 tps. Of 30 second salsa mix (some time we use 1T. to kick up the heat!)

Stir with your Celery stalk and enjoy!!


We have also added 30SSM to Meat Loaf, Hamburgers, Scramble Eggs, Egg Burritos, Omelet’s, Mango Salsa and Corn Salsa!! We have even used it as a marinade with lime in stake’s and shrimp.

By Shelly Mayo


By: Shelly (Shamie) Mayo