Best salsa!!!!

Bought at Texas state fair. Truly the best salsa I have ever eat!!!!

By: Brian Massie

Very Easy

This stuff is great for our family! We use this salsa as instructed when we need a whole can of HOT but most the time the sissy people in our house like to get a jar of mild pre made salsa and devide it then add 30 sec salsa mix to part. We all get we love and everyone is a winner with this mix.

By: Angie

Not just for salsa!!

I’ve been using this to make salsa for years & love it!   One day I used it to change up some guacamole and it as a HUGE success.  Just mash up the avacados & add in some salsa mix instead of your regular spices,  It’ll be better than any guacamole you’ve ever had.   I also use it as a spice and add it to soups and veggies.  Try sprinkling it on hamburger meat for tacos!!  There are many more uses then just salsa.  Try it, you’ll love it!!!

By: Elena D

You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I am a salsa nut.  I buy so many jars looking for a great salsa, and throw most of them out after a few bites.  I make my own, tinker with my ingredients…..So, when I was at the Texas State Fair in 2013, I laughed at the guy trying to sell some powdered stuff in a can claiming it was great salsa.  He offered me a sample, and I said, “no thanks”.  FORTUNATELY, my wife spent 15-20 minutes looking at some trinkets in the booth next to “salsa in a can” guy.  I got hungry enough I finally gave in and accepted the free sample.  That is when I said, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me”.  I didn’t believe him.  There is NO way that THIS salsa is just a can of petit diced tomatoes and some powdered mess out of a can.  I made him make up a new batch to prove it to me.  I’ll be dang.  I bought 3 cans.  I’m here tonight because I’ve got to order more.  I’m telling you, this stuff is outstanding.  Its good when you first make it, but after you leave it in the fridge for an hour, good Lord its outstanding.  The can also says it is veteran owned, and THAT is also a very big deal to me.  Anyway, buy some of this stuff.  

By: Jeff Tyler

Love It!

A coworker of mine bought her can of salsa at the TX State Fair four years ago and brought her salsa to our company potluck, it was delicious! I now buy my own can every year at the state fair. My whole family loves it! It’s awesome!

By: Mary Kirby


We bought our first can at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, and my son ended up eating the whole can! He was 14 at the time and became a salsa pro, he’d make it for his afternoon or late nite snack. Now all grown up, serving in the Navy, I’m sending him some in a care package. It’ll be a nice suprise, wish I could see his face!


Hardwood Floor Company Owner

My wife went to a TASN (Texas Association for School Nutrition) conference in Denver. She personally did not get a sample of the H&H Brand Salsa. The lady with her actually got the product and was about to leave it behind in an effort to reduce the weight of her bag. My wife (whom works for Spring I.S.D. Child Nutrition in Spring, Texas) decided she would bring it home. Our entire family is glad she did so. The stuff is AWESOME!!!! I hope that one day we will see it in Kroger, HEB and Randall’s. Watch out Pace…there’s a new salsa in town and it just might win over the people looking for change and cost reduction. Again…AWESOME guys. Keep up the great work.

By: David Fuentes

Good but better this way!!!! please read

Use hunts fire roasted tomatoes. Wow soooo good
By: LT


I brought this salsa seasoning a few years ago at the State Fair of Texas.  Every year I always make a beeline to get some.  It is quick and easy, but most of all it tastes great.  When I went to the fair this year(2011) they were not at the usual place.  I panicked.  As I was leaving the marketplace I turned to the left and there they were.  I tried the sample with sour cream, fantastic.  Going to make some tonight.  I wanted to experiment and try using pico de gallo instead of the dice tomatoes.  It was out of this world!!!! When I take it to work and they ask me where did I buy the salsa, I tell them I made it.  In a way I did….with some help from H&H.


Cynthia Brookins


By: Cynthia Brookins


I found this wonderful treat at the Fort Worth Stockshow. While I was listening to the vender’s spill, 2 couples walked up saying they came this year just for this spicy mix! They raved about it so much, I bought 3 cans. Of course, I just had to try it right away — was blown away! I’ve used in homemade soups, chili, dips, rubs for meat on the grill, veggies, and, of course, salsa (it’s great by itself w/ the diced tomatoes but even better adding a little onions & cilantro). I returned before the show closed and bought 2 more cans. I had to give one can to my brother-in-law who loves to cook and couldn’t wait to hear what he thought. Spent the night at their house, after going out for the night, returned to their house and he was hungry (I had brought some cans of diced tomatoes knowing he had the mix) so I suggested making the salsa. I got his can down and it hadn’t been opened yet (skeptic)! I made some salsa and he and his family are now hooked. Even added to a sour cream dip they make nearly every weekend during the summer and it added such a kick, they now make it a staple. I guarantee he has now added it to every meal as I have. At work I often bring soups, etc. to share, which I add the spicy mix to and as with any good find I think is wonderful, I shout it from the mountaintops!! I’ve already taken orders for the State Fair — Thanks again — I can basically clear out my cabinet of most spices that I no longer use. It’s hard to impress a Texan with spicy anything (usually no one hits the mark) but I’m sold on this product forever!!!!

By: Erin

Best Hot Sauce ever!!!

I purchased this hot sauce mix at the Ft. Worth, TX Livestock show.  We are hooked on it and I gave some for Christmas gifts and everyone loved it.  I now order for all my friends by the case so we get free shipping and when it comes in I distribute it and they pay me back.  You gotta get some.

By: Shirley Arnold

Simply, the best!

Hello from Dallas TX!  I am a huge Tex-Mex fan, and always judge a restaurant by their chips and salsa.  Well, the day I find a restaurant with salsa as good as H&H salsa, I’ll have found a little piece of Heaven right here on Earth!  Your 30-second salsa is fabulous!  So simple to make, yet tastes like you spent hours preparing it; I am a fan for life!  Thank you H&H!!

By: Jason Ponton


“I have just tried for the first time the “H&H Brand“ 30 Second Salsa, Mild and Hot. It is the best I have ever had! Easy to make and so delicious, as a matter of fact it is so delicious that there was no way I could stop eating it. The only complaint I might have is that this Salsa is highly addictive – once you’ve had it you will never touch another one. Excellent.


WOW!!!!that is the word that comes out of my friends mouths when they have a bite of

the hot salsa.   They ask and I tell and give them the information of where to purchase

this great mix.  I personally love this stuff and it is sooo easy to make and just the

right amount for my husband and I to munch on.  So for those of you that have not

stopped and tried this at the Forth Worth Stock Show, you do not know what you are

missing.  Try it next time and you will fall in love with it.. It is just sooo simple to

whip up.

By: Leann Hoff


This is a great salsa and very easy to use.  It has been a hit at all of our entertaining.

By: Temple

The Best Mix

I have used 30 sec. salsa for everything and my family loves it…however its our company that really goes crazy over it.  I always keep an extra can so I can give away.  Thank you.

By: Spurgeon

Wow, you have a winner!

Hi, Me and my family live in Austin and we just got back from the Austin Rodeo. We had the privilege to run into your Spice booth. Well before we left we just had to go back and get one of each. We are real hot sauce Texans! I just make them both and added a bit of green onion WOW you have a winner and we will be back. Now I will be the star at the party. But I would hate to give my secret away. But I probably will. Thank you for a great product. Have you used this in anything else. I would love to know other ways to use this! Angie, TX

Everyone just loves it.

I ordered 5 cans today and had bought 2 cans at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. After tasting it there and seeing how easy it is to make and how much my family and everyone I serve it to just loves it I had to get some more. I am sending my guests off with a zip-lock baggie of the mix and a can of Petite diced Tomatoes every time I serve it! I just wanted to let you know that you have a real winner with this salsa. I even sprinkle it on popcorn for a zesty treat! I wish you sold it here in Texas, maybe at HEB grocery stores? With the Mexican people here it would definitely go big! Right now we are having some rock work done and the Mexican wives came in for lunch with me and I served it, they wanted the recipe! They loved it! Well, sometimes we all need a pat on the back and a thank you, and this one’s for you! Keep up the good work! L. Fifield, Double Dot Ranch, Kerrville, TX

The best salsa we have ever had.

I bought a can of your hot salsa at the fort worth stock show, it is the best salsa my husband and I have ever had. We are ordering a 2nd can today. Thank you. S. Duckworth, TX

I’m a new disciple of your salsa.

“Howdy! I found your salsa (thankfully) at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. I consider myself a new disciple of your salsa and am ready to go preach the gospel. This is fantastic and you are a buncha damn geniuses!” C. Estes, TX