Miss you at Cowboy Christmas, The Salsa is great. Can’t make it fast enough in this household.


By: Rich Headington

Loved Salsa.!

They all think it is mine!  :-)


By: Larry


We have been using the Hot Salsa mix for 1 year now. We love it. I put it in my homeade chili and any recipe that calls for salsa. We haven’t bought any store bought salsa for over a year. Will continue to use it too. Connie Welches, Oregon

By: Connie R

Best Salsa Ever

Tasted H&H 30-second salsa at a farmers market in Beaverton Oregon, a few years back, and bought only one can. What a mistake, should have bought more. Made my own salsa for many years and this is by far the best. I make as directed and sometimes add a couple of habanero peppers and a teaspoon of chili oil to spice it up a little when relatives come. It’s great on salads and tacos.

Thanks for making such a great product.

By: Morin Juncker

A Party Must!

We have taken this salsa to family reunions and parties for years now.  Everyone loves it and now expects it whenever there is a get together. Easiest pot-luck dish ever made – we all love it :)

By: Wendi & Bobby Vodden

Great idea – can’t get enough

We first purchased your salsa several years ago at an Oregon home show.  For awhile, we didn’t see it, and purchased it online.  It would be great if the product were offered in the stores.  I like to buy some of each (mild and hot) and mix them for the perfect blend for my family.

Thank you so much for continuing to sell this product – we absolutely love the salsa – it is easy to make and always fresh. 

By: Leslie

I’m addicted!

“I purchased a can of salsa mix at Oregon state fair. I’m addicted, even eat it for breakfast. So here I am and wondering if I can buy a case or two, (depending on the price). I think it would be a great holiday gift for my co-workers.” Heather, OR