Favorite salsa in the world


First time we tried the salsa was about 4 years ago at my sisters in Las Vegas.  We fell in love with it.  I order anywhere from 8-12 cans a year.  I have okies hooked on it.  My husband has diabetes, with all the natural ingrediants, its all good for him.  We use it on everything.  He really likes to use it in salads, soups, grilling vegtables, steak, chicken etc…… so delicous.  Last year we tried the bbq sause it is also very good and again all those natural ingrediants.  Yummy!!!!!!!




By: Teresa

This is the best stuff!!

September 18, 2011

This is the best salsa EVER!  We first tried it at a Goldwing motorcycle rally and I bought a can.  I will not buy any more store bought!  When you make it, you can adjust how much of a scoop to put in the tomatoes to make it mild or spicer for the salsa.  There is nothing I have found that is better.  Keep up the good work.  This is just the best stuff.  I am getting other people hooked on it.  They love it!!

By: Shawn Irons

All in One Seasoning

Bought my first can a couple of months ago @ McKinney trade days in Texas. Just re-ordered 5 cans from you. My friends were impressed. A scoop in a pound of hamburger makes the best burgers ever. I’ve used it as a meat rub for venison, beef & chicken as well as seasoned all kinds of veggies in the pan & on the grill. The dips I make are awsome, the uses are only limited by your imagination. My can stays on the counter all the time. Did I forget to mention the scrambled eggs. About the only thing I haven’t tried it on is ice cream!!! The best part is, its all natural.

By: Greg Newcomb