Hello All,

Bought my first can of SALSA at the Art & Crafts Festival at Cashman Field in early May 2015 in Las Vegas.

Planning on packaging in bottles to give friends and family samples for their birthdays and as Christmas gifts.

Unbelievable flavor and so much better than store bought at a fraction of the cost.

Planning to become a distributor under their new offering.  Jump on the bandwagon.

Cheers, Uncle Chuck Eckenberg – UncleChucke@gmail.com

By: UncleChucke

Oh Yea!

H&H Brand 30 Second Salsa is the absolute BEST “homemade” salsa I have ever had.  We make salsa for every gathering and everyone loves it.  I have turned so many people onto this salsa.

We don’t just use the mix for salsa, though!  We have used it in chili, soups, maranades, and so much more.

My family HIGHLY recommends it.  We use the mild, becuase if we want to add a little spice we’ll just mix it with Rotel instead of plain diced tomatoes, so it makes it more versitile.  

By: Elaine Bridges

Simply Put:

Yummmmmmmm ’nuff said!
By: Debbe

The Best!

We tried this at a festival and purchased both versions.  We do a lot of motorcycling and ATV riding.  With 30-Second Salsa, I can make this on the road, out in the field, just about anywhere cause I don’t need to keep it refridgerated.  I buy small containers at the Dollar Store, pre-measure my salsa mix in the bowl and carry it along.  Open the can of tomatoes with my trusty P38 and we’ve got fresh salsa!  We dispose of the bowls appropriately or save them if we are somewhere to wash them.  If we are traveling for a longer period, I just scoop a bunch in a ziplock bag and stick it in a stack of bowls.  People can’t believe I made fresh salsa out of the ingredients in a saddle bag.  If you can score an avocado and cut it up in the salsa – double goodness.

Love it for seasoning everything at home too!

By: TrailerTrash

Absolutely Amazing!

I bought my first can at the Las Vegas Harvest Festival several years ago. I have used it to make many many dishes. The salsa is absolutely delicious and you can raise or lower the heat meter! I have bought several dozen to give as gifts to many family and friends! They all love it! It’s now a family secret receipe!

By: Carmen Fannin

30 Second Salsa

I tasted this product at the fair and bought a container. I love it, lasted so far about 9 months and I just reordered more. It is so much better than store bought salsa and takes just a minute to put together.

Not only do I now save $ on salsa but because its so easy to make there is always fresh salsa.

I can’t wait to try the chicken seasoning.


Thanks H&H good stuff!


Lee in Vegas!

By: Lee Boyd

Charlie The Salsa King

I’ve been making my own Salsa at home and in restaurants and bars I have owned over the last 20 years and always thought I had the BEST salsa, made from the freshest ingredients.  Well, I can truly say that I had the freshest ingredients and the 2nd Best Salsa after I was introduced to H & H 30 second Salsa by a friend of mine!  I’m telling anyone that will listen about this Salsa!  My Christmas shopping will be done by July of every year now…cuz I am only giving H & H Salsa as gifts from now on!  AWESOME product!  I have already worked it into about 87 other recipes…you can put this in anything and it will make it better!

By: Charlie Fitzgerald

Easy Easy & A Crowd Pleasure

One of my collegues turned me on to this and it is so simple and good. I have used other kinds of tomatoes like Chipoltle diced tomatoes, Tomatillos, Purple Onions or Extra Cilantro for variations and YUM! The spices are balanced perfectly. It absolutely does what it says it does. Love It!

By: Doreen


I.ve been using this for at least 5 years – 1st found it at Calif State Fair but now order it on line.  Everyone loves it & is amazed that it only takes couple of minutes to make the BEST SALSA EVER!!!! 

Wish I could find it locally so wouldn’t have to pay shipping

By: Chrissie