AWESOME Seasoning Mix for anything & Everything.

I don’t see any reveiws from Minnesota yet so here is your first one.

I tell you if you want a good salsa seasoning you have to try this brand &  not the knock off brand. I found this H&H 30 second Salsa HOT Mix at the Minnesota State Fair last year (2013), and tried a sample of it (it was wonderful), I then continued on through the Fair and came across another salsa mix in the grandstand area (packaging was very similar to H&H brand) I tried this one and it was awful no consistiancy in the spice’s or flavor, so I went back and purchased the H&H Brand, brought it home and at first only used it for salsa, which everyone loved when I took it to parties, I then started mixing this seasoning in with my burgers and it added a GREAT KICK to them off the grill, so I started finding other great uses and not one idea has failed.

This H&H Brand 30 second Salsa mix has just the right amount of spice’s in it and you can use for so many other receipe’s.

I bought the HOT mix last year and I just picked up the THERMAL mix today (2014) at the Minnesota State Fair (this was my one main reason going to the fair this year) I can’t wait to start using this THERMAL seasoning in my receipes, should be wondeful!!!!!!

Thanks for putting out such a quality product H&H.


St. Paul, Mn.


By: Dave Nelson