Mild Salsa-Easy to fix, great tasting!

I bought one can at the Kansas State Fair. I had sampled the Mild and Hot at the fair. For some reason I thought the hot was too salty. Vendor was not sure why it would be salty. I decided to purchase the mild and thought that if I wanted my salsa to have more heat then I would add some jalepenos. I have already made one batch and used Rotel. It was not salty.  I made it in the morning and come dinner the salsa was nice and thick. I was very pleased with the heat and flavor. I just wish I had thought ahead. Christmas is coming!

By: Dawn


We tried the mix at the Denver National Stock show and loved it.  Unfortunately, I did not realize just how much and we only bought one can!!!  It has gone quickly and we NEED more!  It is great as salsa mix, but even better as a dip mix with sour cream, and to spice up dinner menus!

By: Brenda