Salsa and chili
By: Maureen liebman

Makes a great Chip dip

We found the 30 Second Salsa at the Farmers Market in Palm Springs.   We mixed it with sour cream.   Great with Ruffles..

By: Patricia Dailey-Flecker


I bought your awesome salsa to use it for “emergenceies”…like when I forgot to prepare my own.  Used it for many years just for that.  Always delicious!  Then…I thought why not put it to more uses?  I now can’t cook without it!!  OMG…add a scoop to your hamburger meat before making your patties…add a scoop or two to your pot of soup…My mendo was always a family favorite, but now that I add this salsa mix, they can’t get enough!  It is over the top!!!  THANK YOU!!

By: Gregoria

CFO H & H Farming, Inc.

We found this salsa on a shelf in a pecan processing plant in Corsicana, TX. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of cantainers (partly due to the fact that our business name is also “H & H”, and also because we love to try new salsas). It is delightfully delicious! We chop up fresh picked vine-ripened tomatoes, onions and cilantro from our garden, add the salsa seasoning with a pinch of sea salt, and ENJOY with our favorite chips!

By: Cathy Haworth


I bought a can of hot salsa at the Palm Springs street fair and mixed some with a can of petite tomatoes. My family loved it so much that I made a batch for a Fourth of July party and also added a batch mixed with whipped cream cheese for those that can’t eat it quite so hot. We had tortilla chips with the salsa and Ritz thin crackers with the cream cheese batch! OMG, we’re calling it our “crack” because one taste and you’re addicted!
I’m now buying a can of mild for me and a second one for my neighbor. I’m also buying the BBQ sauce and can’t wait to try it! Thank you H&H for the salsa and thank you for defending our country when you were in the service.
By: Tami Martin

I am a repeat customer

I’ve been using HNH Brand mild salsza for over 5 or 6 yrs. I usually buy a can at a home show or county fair in in California. Its very simple. The hardest part in making the salsa is opening the can of tomatoes! I usually ad a small can of corn. The salsa tastes fresh and has a slight heat to give it a small kick but over powering.

I just bought another can and with that, another can of HOT. So I will mix them and see what happens. I decided to try the BBQ sauce. I tasted it and its great. I like sweet smokey tasting sauce, not that vinegar tangy taste. This does the trick. Its nice a sweet and a slight smoky taste.

I ordered the chicken spice too, but havent tried it yet. whenever I go to a county fair and see the vendor selling the salsa. I make a comment that I use it all the time and if there are people around I tell them how good it is and real easy to make.

By: Don Segraves

The very best

This is exactly as the can states ” better than fresh”. Great stuff love it. This is the next best thing out now. We purchased this at The Big Feesno Fair and will continue to purchase we will have to order on line before we run out. Thanks from Robert and Paula Ramos Lemoore, Ca
By: Robert and Paula Ramos

Great Stuff!

As a nurse, eating well is of great importance.  I work with with a group of nurses and we each bring foods to share with one another – especially on the weekends and holidays.  I have been keeping a can of H&H salsa seasonng at work for some time now and have used it when I make some dishes.  However, most recently, as I have an avocado tree, I bring them to work and mix them with the H&H seasoning – everyone eats it up in no time; and they love it!  Chances are you will be receiving orders from our hospice and palliative care triage team soon!!!


By: Shamy Turner

The Best BBQ Sauce in History

H&H Brands’ barbeque sauce is simply the best I ever tasted — and I consider myself an expert.

It’s not only delicious, it’s quite concentrated, so you don’t have to flood your meat with it. Your meat will be deliciously enhanced, not overpowered.

I’m on my second big jar in less than two months!




By: Tim

New recipe

So…I’m not even sure I’ve made salsa with this stuff yet.  I have made the sour cream dip.  I also throw it in scrambled eggs, salad dressings and a chili recipe I make for my kids.  This morning I came across some Southwestern veggies in my freezer, and I thought “what to do?”  I grabbed some jasmine rice and sauteed in the pan with butter, then I added a 1/2 scoop H&H salsa (hot), added the frozen vegetables and made the rice according to directions on the bag.  I may never buy packaged rice again!!  I can’t wait to serve this to my family with grilled chicken tonight.

By: Sandy

Can’t Get Enough

This stuff is awesome. Can’t get enough! Use it on just about everything. Customer for life!

By: Patti Hansen

Muy Cliente

Was introduced to H&H Salsa at the Women’s Expo in San Mateo. From that moment, I have not eaten another brand of salsa, Love the product, not just as salsa. I use the seasoning in just about everything from eggs to potatoes to spaghetti sauce to soups. Perfect blend of all essential spices. Friends and family loved receiving the salsa for Christmas. The chili mix is also to die for. You’ve got a good thing going in this company and the staff couldnt be any nicer. I was so excited when I recd the call I won the drawing for December and more product was on its way. Can’t wait to share the winnings of my salsa and chili for the Super Bowl. I’m a believer in both products. Muchos gracias!
By: Terri

easy and great tasting salsa

An easy way to make a salsa that everyone likes. I have been makeing this for 3 years and have given it as presents, use for a dip or on Mexican food. Sometimes I chop up onions and put in it but it’s great just the way it is. 

I use the mild flavor. The besst part is it stores for ever and you can make it any time with one can of diced tomatoes.

Quick, easy and delicious, and i am not a big cook but love my salsa, chips and beer.

By: Mike MacKenzie

The best

I first bought the Salsa mix at a sportsmen exhibition. We use it to make dozens of different dishes now. And it still makes the Best Salsa. Try it on fish or in your burrito mix. Still the Best!

Thanks,Joe Rotter

Feel free to use my testimonial

By: Joe Rotter

love it

I use it on everthing from eggs to my poppers add it to cream cheese and chedder cheese and load up the peppers and bake yum!!

By: nancy steele


We purchased our first can several years ago at the Fair.

Since then we have been sold on this wonderful product to spice up not only homemade salsa but the store bought stuff also. 

It also works as a great spice for enchaladas

Keep up the good work



By: Mary Steinhouser

I am impressed!!

I first tried the salsa spice at the International Sportsmans Expo. I walked by the booth and the lady offered me a sample. I’ve been in the restaurant business over 30 years and I’m kind of a salsa snob. I normally make my own or go to one of my favorite restaurants. I figured how good could it be? WOW, was I shocked!! This stuff is awesome!! When I told friends about it they laughed thought I was joking. So I made a batch had some friends over, they thought I had made the salsa from scratch and wanted my recipe. 

By: Don


We have been using the Hot Salsa mix for 1 year now. We love it. I put it in my homeade chili and any recipe that calls for salsa. We haven’t bought any store bought salsa for over a year. Will continue to use it too. Connie Welches, Oregon

By: Connie R

Apricote glaze

I made a Apricot/Orange marmalade glaze using hnh brand salsa mix as my spice.  The hot of the mix and sweet from the jams were a hit.  I glazed a 20 pounds Thanksgiving turkey with it, and ,it was over the top good.  Golden brown and slightly spicey.  I use this salsa mix for everything.  I still haven’t done the salsa yet!  LOL.  By it’s self, it is a great rub for all kinds of meat or poultry.  My new kitchen favorite.

By: Cheryl

Oh my gosh !!!!!

Embarassed My sister/n/law brought this at Christmas from Denver, we were blown away!!!! Thw best ever !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much and “GOD BLESS AMERICA” our son is a Veteran also. Marselle Waldrop & her friends LOL

By: Marselle Waldrop

GREAT !!!!

This mix is great,easy for taking camping used at at BBQ and everyone was asking who made the salsa !

By: Cynthia

Best salsa

What I like about it so much is that when people ask me who made this I tell them I did. All I get is how great the taste is. This is the best salsa I have had ever. Love it.
By: Bob

This is the best ever!

My husband and I purchased a can of the mild salsa mix a couple of years ago at the Texas State Fair. It is wonderful! We have since moved to Riverside, California and I was hoping I would be able to re-order. Imagine my surprise when I read the can and found out it is made right here in Riverside! Plus, it’s Veteran owned, and that makes it even more special

Buy some for yourself! Buy some as gifts! Buy some for everyone you know! You won’t be disappointed!

By: Teresa Parten


I was definitely impressed. Bought mine at the fresno fair just today! wow if I didnt have to pay the fair price, I would go in just to buy a few more cans of this stuff. We made it several times just in one day it was so good. Can’t wait to try it on some bbq!

By: Christin

3 cheers for the best salsa, yiippee!!!

I eat alot of salsa at home, resturants, and try lots of other people’s salsa. This is very good salsa

I bought my first can at the Merced County Fair 2010 and love it.  Hard to believe that a great tasting salsa is so easy to make, 1 can of dice tomatoes, I add onions, and you have a great salsa.

Easy and fast to make when you need to take somethings to an event  and people love it.

By: Mike MacKenzie

This stuff Rocks.

I saw this salsa mix at the Kern Co. fair two years ago and now it is my regular go to when I need salsa. I can make it as hot or mild as I chose. The great part is when I have friends ask for my recipe I simply tell them “If I told you I would then have to kill you”. People love it. My Son-In-Law servinbg in Afganistan took a can with him and the solders loved it.  I have another versionyou might suggest,  I use Crushed tomatoes for a saucier salsa. People like that as well.

By: MIchael Bush


Love The stuff!!!!

I bought this at the Banning Cherry Festival, I usually don’t buy things at a fair, but… was so good I couldn’t pass it up. Even my husband said to go ahead and get it. My kids love it!!! It is so easy to make, my kids love to make make it for an after school snack with chips. They love to tell their friends that they made the salsa themselves.


By: Marleen Starkey


Hi from Georgetown, California.  I am here to tell you this was the best $23.00 I ever spent.  I was introduced to this product at the fair in Cottonwood,Arizona, while on vacation at my sister’s.  I always try samples, but rarely ever buy.  I am so glad I took the leap on this one.  I take it on my horse trips, to barbacues and most of all, always fresh salsa in my refer.  I am always giving my friends your email.  Are you marketing this in California?  Our state fair starts soon.  I’ll look for youm there.  A fan, Jeanette

By: Jeanette Smart


I bought this stuff from the San Diego County fair over the weekend, and was a little skeptical at first.

I thought it tasted too good to be true to just mix with a can of tomatoes.  Let me tell you…….This stuff

ROCKS! So far I have made 3 batches in 2 days, I LOVE IT! If you don’t own a can, Buy one now! I swear,

you won’t be dissapointed.


By: Jennifer Smith

Can’t live without this mix!

My husband and I first tasted H&H at the Alameda County fair in California.  Since then, we use the mix every week – for salsa, stir frys, sprinkled on chicken or fish, for soups, you name it.  We love the “hot”.  It is so much more than just a salsa mix!

Jo Anne G.

By: Jo Anne Gonzalez

Delicious, Quick, Never Making my Own Again!

Can’t say enough about the GREATNESS of this mix.  Amazingly quick and easy.  Add a twist of your own or enjoy just as H & H recommends making it!  Don’t have petite diced tomatoes, use regular (chop on your own – or not, depending on preference).  Want just a little more?  Add a chopped roma tomato.  I ALWAYS keep it in the house and can throw it together in a moment’s notice.   

By: Karen Van Amerongen


I add fresh cilantro and green onions to my 30 second salsa and people always ask how I make it. I do believe I have forgotten how to make salsa without this wonderful mix. I also add it to meatloaf and soups.

By: Cyndi Newell


   I’ve tried every kind of salsa their is and by far this is the best, I’ve got the whole family using it. Never thought to use it for a rub on meat good idea I have used it in my chili very good. I enjoy the great salsa mix keep it up.

By: Brad Thomas

Moose Lodge kitchen coord.

Here at the Moose Lodge in Northern California, we serve the H & H salsa mix in our salsa’s during our thursday night Taco night.  Everyone, including young and old love this salsa…We advertise it as homemade, and its the perfect compliment to our meals.  We are asked every night we serve for the recipe, but like a magicians tricks….we dont give out our secrets!  We want them to keep coming  back and patronizing our lodge!

By: Rich

For everyday use!

I purchased my first can of 30 Second Salsa about 4-5 years ago at the Date Festival in Indio California.  I use it everyday, it’s great to use on meats, and in soups.  I give a can as a gift for the person that has everything!!


Thank you for such a wonderful product!



By: Amy Stone

OH So Great !!

  We love this stuff, all our guests enjoy this Salsa as well. Enjoy serving this all the time & we bring it to other parties as well. It is always a big hit. Don’t know what your miss’n until you have tried this. Fabulous Flavor, simple and easy to serve!




By: Aj

Ohhh So Good!

We sampled and purchased a can of the Hot Salsa at the Stockton asparagas festival.  We haven’t had my house without a can since than and that was 2 years ago.  It is fast and easy for the impromptu gatherings at the house.  I have also gifted cans to friends who have raved about it.  You can make a great gift backet with a can of H&H and add all the can’s of tomotoes and trinkets to accompany it.

I as well wish we could buy this locally so we would not have to wait for the fairs to come to town and stock up or paying the shipping costs.

California’s biggest fan of H&H Salsa!

By: Karen Fry

Can’t live without it!

Dear H&H, we just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your product. We are a small family of four. Every time we would purchase traditional salsa in the grocery store, it would go bad within a few days. It was hard to keep a fresh batch around. Now, we can keep a few cans in our pantry and mix it up as needed, and once mixed it keeps much longer. It’s so easy to make, the flavor is fantastic, and even our picky kids love it! Thank you H&H – you ROCK!!!!!!!!!

By: Kate & Kevin Scott

Best Ever!

This is the best ever! We always have this on hand and use it all the time for salsa and seasoning..



By: Tommy Cooper

Really Good Salsa

My husband baught a can of this salsa after sampling it at our local farmer’s market downtown Lodi, CA.  He just loves it.  Very easy to make.  He can do it himself.  This is great in other recipes too.  When summer was over and no more farmer’s markets we had to go on line to order more.  Thanks for being there.  My husband is hooked!

By: Lennie N.

30 second salsa

I purchased my can of 30 Second Salsa at the San Diego Home Show a couple of years ago.  I have been a repeat customer many times.  It is the BEST and the most convienent product I have in my kitchen.  If we are having friends over last minute and I need a quick appitizer…no problem..a couple of ripe avacado’s and a scoop of seasoning and wha-la guacamole.  Everyone just goes crazy for it.  I love to season my ground turkey meat to make turkey burgers.  Yum!!  Salsa is a snap…can of diced tomatoes and a scoop of seasoning and bam! Salsa!  There are many many places to use your 30 Second Salsa in your kitchen.  I highly recommend.  One can of H&H Brand lasts a long time.

By: Nancy Gold

Miracle …..

Amazing …. 2 years ago I sampled and bought several cans of Salsa mix at Havazu street fair…..I shared it with family and friends and have ordered on the computer since (a little hard to reach). I made the trip from CA to AZ again this year to the same Fair hoping to buy “a supply” … yaaa they were there and I bought  a few more cans, actually my friends gave me orders for some.

I have used it in recipes and recently made pineapple and mango salsa with it….DELICIOUS


Thank you!

My husband and I finally found a product that is worth sending a “thank you” to. My husband loves salsa, so we tried your product at a show in Orange County. The taste is incredible, so much flavor and it is so easy to make. I’ve purchased different brands of store made salsa in a jar, and they are okay, but my husband loves fresh. I feel very lucky to have found your product. It would be nice if everyone had the opportunity to know about your product, it’s a shame it’s limited to just home shows, etc. I do promise to share your “secret” salsa and your website with family and friends. Our best to you! T. Bologa, CA

We all love it!

John, several of us up here on the top floor at PCP just tried your salsa mix, and we just love it! Everyone wants to know where we can purchase it. CA

The best new idea in years!

I purchased 2 cans of your Better Than Fresh Salsa mix at the Del Mar County Fair and wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your representative. He was very friendly and patient with us as we tried your product. My mother and I voted your product the best new idea in years for the fair. Additionally, we join you in bestowing blessings on our country and supporting our military forces around the globe and at home. CA

Lots of ways to use this great salsa!

I just tried H & H Brand salsa at a party last night and absolutely loved it. The ease of mixing a perfect instant salsa was wonderful. I can see lots of ways to use this great product in addition to just plain salsa. Thanks for an excellent product. I want to buy four cans! Thanks. J. Crutchfield

So easy, even I can do it!

Howdy! I found your product at the Cowboy Xmas show in Las Vegas. I couldn’t believe something could be so easy! Well I did it myself, and it was fabulous!! I’ve been doing it ever since with perfect results and compliments galore from friends and family. It’s soooooo easy, even I can do it. We own a Mexican Restaurant in San Diego, and the salsa we make is very good, but labor intensive. For the convenience and ease of using your product, along with the terrific taste, your salsa has become my #1 favorite. Stephanie

Best salsa ever!

A friend of mine raved about it to me. She had purchased it at the Puyallup fair in Washington. I tried it and LOVE it. I live in Texas and this is the best salsa ever. H. O’Brien