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At the Hunting expo last year, one of the last booths we stopped at had a line of guys hovering around chips and salsa. it was noon and we were hungry. so everything sounded good to eat. We had several samples and decided that they had made “fresh Salsa” and was scamming everyone. But Not one to pass my guts grumblings I bought a can of mild and hot. I forgot all about it for a few months. While cleaning one day i found them and decided why not. WOW. That 1st can went very fast. We use it as salsa, there is always some ready to eat. But, I also use it while cooking. it is AMAZING with ground ( deer ) burger for some taco meat with KICK!. I probably use it on to many things, but it goes great with everything. EVEN PASTA!!!. Try it once and you are hooked!!!