I love this salsa!  Will definitely reorder!

By: gay carlson

Amazing Stuff

Started buying this HNH at the NFR Cowboy Christmas several years ago.  Our family loves good salsa and it is so easy.  Have used it in about everything you can think of and it is amazing with just a little kick.  Great product and so simple to use.

By: Jay Laughlin

Great Salsa

We have tried a couple dozen different salsas and picos and the combination of taste and how easy to make the salsa is a winner. It gets even better as it sits in the fridge for a few days. Thanks for a great product.

By: Jimmy Hobson

Better than homemade!

I used to make my own salsa from scratch. Expensive and time consuming Frown I took a sample of this at a trade show in Denver and have been hooked ever since! SO delicious and SUPER easy to make! I like to add a can of Rotel along with the diced tomotoes..Muy Bueno!

By: Becky Hoffman

So Delicious!

We bought a can of the hot 30 Second Salsa at the Colorado Sportsmen Show.  It makes the best salsa and guacamole we have ever had!  One can goes a long way but i am about to purchase my 2nd can before I run out!  Thank you for such a great product.

By: Debi Myers


We were visiting my brother in the Dallas area. Purchased the MILD Salsa. It is fabulous!!!! I haven’t found anything close to it in flavoar, so I purchase it on line. This salsa is not only a money saver. The taste is the BEST!!! Buy it & Enjoy it!!!

By: sharon majewski


Salsa and chili
By: Maureen liebman

Best salsa!!!!

Bought at Texas state fair. Truly the best salsa I have ever eat!!!!

By: Brian Massie

So much more than Salsa

I have found your product exceptional in every way. We use it in so many recipes. It is great as seasoning on grilled chicken, in taco soup, on baked fish, as an added ingredient in our beef marinades, for dips, and salad dressings. Love love love it!
By: Leigh

SALSA Mix (Mild)

The BEST Salsa ever…work shift work with a lot of men and they all love it!  Best ever…phenomenal and I will use it alwasy and forever!  If you havent tried it you better!


By: Viki

A must buy!

I just bought this yesterday and have already used a 1/4 of the can. If you like spicy, I recommend the hot. I use fresh tomatoes and blend it all together. I am definitely going to be a return customer!
By: Kevin Kruchan

Hot Salsa

We found your salsa at an Event in Colorado and we LOVE IT!!! I am so glad you have ordering available online I just order a can of chili mix to try out for the first time and I am so excited to receive it. πŸ™‚ I will be back when we run out again. 

By: Diana Timothy

Makes a great Chip dip

We found the 30 Second Salsa at the Farmers Market in Palm Springs.   We mixed it with sour cream.   Great with Ruffles..

By: Patricia Dailey-Flecker

Steve Estes Park,Co

Bought some Hot Salsa mix at a trade show. All my friends and I love it and has saved me a ton of money.

By: Steve


I bought your awesome salsa to use it for “emergenceies”…like when I forgot to prepare my own.  Used it for many years just for that.  Always delicious!  Then…I thought why not put it to more uses?  I now can’t cook without it!!  OMG…add a scoop to your hamburger meat before making your patties…add a scoop or two to your pot of soup…My mendo was always a family favorite, but now that I add this salsa mix, they can’t get enough!  It is over the top!!!  THANK YOU!!

By: Gregoria

Mild Salsa-Easy to fix, great tasting!

I bought one can at the Kansas State Fair. I had sampled the Mild and Hot at the fair. For some reason I thought the hot was too salty. Vendor was not sure why it would be salty. I decided to purchase the mild and thought that if I wanted my salsa to have more heat then I would add some jalepenos. I have already made one batch and used Rotel. It was not salty.  I made it in the morning and come dinner the salsa was nice and thick. I was very pleased with the heat and flavor. I just wish I had thought ahead. Christmas is coming!

By: Dawn

CFO H & H Farming, Inc.

We found this salsa on a shelf in a pecan processing plant in Corsicana, TX. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of cantainers (partly due to the fact that our business name is also “H & H”, and also because we love to try new salsas). It is delightfully delicious! We chop up fresh picked vine-ripened tomatoes, onions and cilantro from our garden, add the salsa seasoning with a pinch of sea salt, and ENJOY with our favorite chips!

By: Cathy Haworth

Best Dang thing ever tasted lol!!!

While attending the PeeDee Deer Classic last July in Florence,South Carolina I happened upon your booth …the great kid working the booth says ” you like salsa” so I tried it….bought a can of the hot instantly… everybody who’s tried this has wanted me to make more…. So now it’s a staple at all our parties….this salsa mix is the BEST DANG THING I ever tasted!!! Says one Happy Customer near Myrtle Beach S.C.
By: Tim Chestnut

Best Salsa!

I had the pleasure of tasting, and purchasing, this wonderful product at the Charlotte (NC) Southern Women’s Show. We’re now addicted. Thank you for a great product! I look forward to buying more and more and more.

By: Dianne

Great for guacamole!

Bought the hot salsa mix years ago, and just used up my first can. Not only is this awesome for salsa, but it has become my “secret ingredient” for homemade guacamole as well. Everyone wants to know my secret, but I won’t cave! Great product, keep up the good work!

By: Jennifer

Chili mix

I found your products at the last Ohio State Fair. The representative was very friendly and full of information. I purchased the “30 Minute Chili” I took it home and gave it a try. I normally take all day making my chili “pinch of this and a pinch of that.” This mix is just like my recipe!!!! Saves me alot of time and effort.  I prefer to let it cook all day on the stove or crockpot , always turns out great!!!!You’ve got a great product! Don’t change a thing!

-A Very satisfied customer 

By: Greg Eliason


Miss you at Cowboy Christmas, The Salsa is great. Can’t make it fast enough in this household.


By: Rich Headington


This is the best salsa and fastest I’ve ever had we have bought it at the out door show for the last five years in salt lake city, Utah at the south town center

By: Dave

Diana S.

The first time my husband and I tatsed this salsa mix was at the Utah State Fair a few years ago. We fell in love with it.  We have used this salsa on everything.  We use it on meat potatoes and veggies. so good. My husbamd also uses it to make a cheese ball it is to die for. We don’t use any other spices or salsa since we started using H & H Brands. They are the Best EVER!!!

By: Diana

Great Product

I first bought the salsa seasoning at the Az. Women’s Expo for my husband. After the first use my husband absolutely loves it. I now need to order more and I’m considering order extras for Christmas gifts. Thank you so much for a great product.

By: Christol M.


I bought a can of hot salsa at the Palm Springs street fair and mixed some with a can of petite tomatoes. My family loved it so much that I made a batch for a Fourth of July party and also added a batch mixed with whipped cream cheese for those that can’t eat it quite so hot. We had tortilla chips with the salsa and Ritz thin crackers with the cream cheese batch! OMG, we’re calling it our “crack” because one taste and you’re addicted!
I’m now buying a can of mild for me and a second one for my neighbor. I’m also buying the BBQ sauce and can’t wait to try it! Thank you H&H for the salsa and thank you for defending our country when you were in the service.
By: Tami Martin


Hello All,

Bought my first can of SALSA at the Art & Crafts Festival at Cashman Field in early May 2015 in Las Vegas.

Planning on packaging in bottles to give friends and family samples for their birthdays and as Christmas gifts.

Unbelievable flavor and so much better than store bought at a fraction of the cost.

Planning to become a distributor under their new offering.  Jump on the bandwagon.

Cheers, Uncle Chuck Eckenberg –

By: UncleChucke

I am a repeat customer

I’ve been using HNH Brand mild salsza for over 5 or 6 yrs. I usually buy a can at a home show or county fair in in California. Its very simple. The hardest part in making the salsa is opening the can of tomatoes! I usually ad a small can of corn. The salsa tastes fresh and has a slight heat to give it a small kick but over powering.

I just bought another can and with that, another can of HOT. So I will mix them and see what happens. I decided to try the BBQ sauce. I tasted it and its great. I like sweet smokey tasting sauce, not that vinegar tangy taste. This does the trick. Its nice a sweet and a slight smoky taste.

I ordered the chicken spice too, but havent tried it yet. whenever I go to a county fair and see the vendor selling the salsa. I make a comment that I use it all the time and if there are people around I tell them how good it is and real easy to make.

By: Don Segraves

To good to be true…..

At the Hunting expo last year, one of the last booths we stopped at had a line of guys hovering around chips and salsa. it was noon and we were hungry. so everything sounded good to eat. We had several samples and decided that they had made “fresh Salsa” and was scamming everyone. But Not one to pass my guts grumblings I bought a can of mild and hot. I forgot all about it for a few months. While cleaning one day i found them and decided why not. WOW. That 1st can went very fast. We use it as salsa, there is always some ready to eat. But, I also use it while cooking. it is AMAZING with ground ( deer ) burger for some taco meat with KICK!. I probably use it on to many things, but it goes great with everything. EVEN PASTA!!!. Try it once and you are hooked!!!


Very Easy

This stuff is great for our family! We use this salsa as instructed when we need a whole can of HOT but most the time the sissy people in our house like to get a jar of mild pre made salsa and devide it then add 30 sec salsa mix to part. We all get we love and everyone is a winner with this mix.

By: Angie

Favorite salsa in the world


First time we tried the salsa was about 4 years ago at my sisters in Las Vegas.  We fell in love with it.  I order anywhere from 8-12 cans a year.  I have okies hooked on it.  My husband has diabetes, with all the natural ingrediants, its all good for him.  We use it on everything.  He really likes to use it in salads, soups, grilling vegtables, steak, chicken etc…… so delicous.  Last year we tried the bbq sause it is also very good and again all those natural ingrediants.  Yummy!!!!!!!




By: Teresa

Chili Mix

Somewhat skeptical, I purchased a can at the Texas State Fair last year, October 2013. Back home in Florida, the can found its way to my pantry to be forgotten. For a United Way fundraiser, I was “volunteered” to make chili for 200 people, the only person in the room from Texas was my qualification, anyway, I accepted the challenge, and that’s when I found my can of H&H CHILI MIX. let me tell you, we sold out of chili in 20 minutes. This is the best mix I’ve ever used for taste, low sodium content, low sugars. I’ve been volunteered again this year and just ordered two more cans.

By: Bobbi Boynton

The very best

This is exactly as the can states ” better than fresh”. Great stuff love it. This is the next best thing out now. We purchased this at The Big Feesno Fair and will continue to purchase we will have to order on line before we run out. Thanks from Robert and Paula Ramos Lemoore, Ca
By: Robert and Paula Ramos

Great Stuff!

As a nurse, eating well is of great importance.  I work with with a group of nurses and we each bring foods to share with one another – especially on the weekends and holidays.  I have been keeping a can of H&H salsa seasonng at work for some time now and have used it when I make some dishes.  However, most recently, as I have an avocado tree, I bring them to work and mix them with the H&H seasoning – everyone eats it up in no time; and they love it!  Chances are you will be receiving orders from our hospice and palliative care triage team soon!!!


By: Shamy Turner

AWESOME Seasoning Mix for anything & Everything.

I don’t see any reveiws from Minnesota yet so here is your first one.

I tell you if you want a good salsa seasoning you have to try this brand &  not the knock off brand. I found this H&H 30 second Salsa HOT Mix at the Minnesota State Fair last year (2013), and tried a sample of it (it was wonderful), I then continued on through the Fair and came across another salsa mix in the grandstand area (packaging was very similar to H&H brand) I tried this one and it was awful no consistiancy in the spice’s or flavor, so I went back and purchased the H&H Brand, brought it home and at first only used it for salsa, which everyone loved when I took it to parties, I then started mixing this seasoning in with my burgers and it added a GREAT KICK to them off the grill, so I started finding other great uses and not one idea has failed.

This H&H Brand 30 second Salsa mix has just the right amount of spice’s in it and you can use for so many other receipe’s.

I bought the HOT mix last year and I just picked up the THERMAL mix today (2014) at the Minnesota State Fair (this was my one main reason going to the fair this year) I can’t wait to start using this THERMAL seasoning in my receipes, should be wondeful!!!!!!

Thanks for putting out such a quality product H&H.


St. Paul, Mn.


By: Dave Nelson

The Best BBQ Sauce in History

H&H Brands’ barbeque sauce is simply the best I ever tasted — and I consider myself an expert.

It’s not only delicious, it’s quite concentrated, so you don’t have to flood your meat with it. Your meat will be deliciously enhanced, not overpowered.

I’m on my second big jar in less than two months!




By: Tim

Jan – Georgia

My son and I purchased a can at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia after trying a sample.  Needless to say I am ordering 5 cans today – my family loves it and when friends come over they always ask if I have some salsa made. I do use home canned tomatoes and mix it in the blender.   Cannot go wrong with this purchase.  Storage is also a plus.

By: Jan Scott

Amazing Salsa and BBQ Sauce!

I sampled the salsa at a home and garden show and have been hooked ever since. I lived in Mexico for a while, and I am very picky about salsa – This is amazing!! No one ever believes me that it is from a can. I also love using it as a seasoning for meats. The BBQ sauce is one of the best I have ever tasted. I will be a life long customer of H&H Brand. Great food and Great memories with these products.  

By: Courtney Knickrehm

Loved Salsa.!

They all think it is mine!  πŸ™‚


By: Larry

New recipe

So…I’m not even sure I’ve made salsa with this stuff yet.  I have made the sour cream dip.  I also throw it in scrambled eggs, salad dressings and a chili recipe I make for my kids.  This morning I came across some Southwestern veggies in my freezer, and I thought “what to do?”  I grabbed some jasmine rice and sauteed in the pan with butter, then I added a 1/2 scoop H&H salsa (hot), added the frozen vegetables and made the rice according to directions on the bag.  I may never buy packaged rice again!!  I can’t wait to serve this to my family with grilled chicken tonight.

By: Sandy

Just Excellent

I came across the H&H booth in Chandler, AZ at the American BBQ and Beer Festival.  I had a taste and was amazed and bought a can of the HOT.  I have been making my own salsa for a while and sometimes it is just a pain. I was delightfully surprised at how flavorful this was and I add it to the diced tomatoes with jalapenos (Instead of just regular diced tomatoes) and it turns out so good.  I puree mine and make a separate batch just mixed for my husband since he likes his chunky.  What a great product, and I will be ordering more for myself and for gifts. 

By: Anissa Schultz

Can’t Get Enough

This stuff is awesome. Can’t get enough! Use it on just about everything. Customer for life!

By: Patti Hansen

l zander

I was in Colorado visiting my daughter and we went to the Taste of Denver.    I purchased this salsa mix and I love it, have made about 4 batches already and there is hardly any out of the container.   I will definitely order more when this is gone and will give for gifts along the way.   Awesome salsa, you can make to your own tast buds too, when the grandkids are over, I mix it lighter on the salsa mix.  But is excellent and ready in minutes!   

By: Lila

Muy Cliente

Was introduced to H&H Salsa at the Women’s Expo in San Mateo. From that moment, I have not eaten another brand of salsa, Love the product, not just as salsa. I use the seasoning in just about everything from eggs to potatoes to spaghetti sauce to soups. Perfect blend of all essential spices. Friends and family loved receiving the salsa for Christmas. The chili mix is also to die for. You’ve got a good thing going in this company and the staff couldnt be any nicer. I was so excited when I recd the call I won the drawing for December and more product was on its way. Can’t wait to share the winnings of my salsa and chili for the Super Bowl. I’m a believer in both products. Muchos gracias!
By: Terri

Oh Yea!

H&H Brand 30 Second Salsa is the absolute BEST “homemade” salsa I have ever had.  We make salsa for every gathering and everyone loves it.  I have turned so many people onto this salsa.

We don’t just use the mix for salsa, though!  We have used it in chili, soups, maranades, and so much more.

My family HIGHLY recommends it.  We use the mild, becuase if we want to add a little spice we’ll just mix it with Rotel instead of plain diced tomatoes, so it makes it more versitile.  

By: Elaine Bridges

easy and great tasting salsa

An easy way to make a salsa that everyone likes. I have been makeing this for 3 years and have given it as presents, use for a dip or on Mexican food. Sometimes I chop up onions and put in it but it’s great just the way it is. 

I use the mild flavor. The besst part is it stores for ever and you can make it any time with one can of diced tomatoes.

Quick, easy and delicious, and i am not a big cook but love my salsa, chips and beer.

By: Mike MacKenzie

Not just for salsa!!

I’ve been using this to make salsa for years & love it!   One day I used it to change up some guacamole and it as a HUGE success.  Just mash up the avacados & add in some salsa mix instead of your regular spices,  It’ll be better than any guacamole you’ve ever had.   I also use it as a spice and add it to soups and veggies.  Try sprinkling it on hamburger meat for tacos!!  There are many more uses then just salsa.  Try it, you’ll love it!!!

By: Elena D

The best

I first bought the Salsa mix at a sportsmen exhibition. We use it to make dozens of different dishes now. And it still makes the Best Salsa. Try it on fish or in your burrito mix. Still the Best!

Thanks,Joe Rotter

Feel free to use my testimonial

By: Joe Rotter

You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I am a salsa nut.  I buy so many jars looking for a great salsa, and throw most of them out after a few bites.  I make my own, tinker with my ingredients…..So, when I was at the Texas State Fair in 2013, I laughed at the guy trying to sell some powdered stuff in a can claiming it was great salsa.  He offered me a sample, and I said, “no thanks”.  FORTUNATELY, my wife spent 15-20 minutes looking at some trinkets in the booth next to “salsa in a can” guy.  I got hungry enough I finally gave in and accepted the free sample.  That is when I said, “You’ve GOT to be kidding me”.  I didn’t believe him.  There is NO way that THIS salsa is just a can of petit diced tomatoes and some powdered mess out of a can.  I made him make up a new batch to prove it to me.  I’ll be dang.  I bought 3 cans.  I’m here tonight because I’ve got to order more.  I’m telling you, this stuff is outstanding.  Its good when you first make it, but after you leave it in the fridge for an hour, good Lord its outstanding.  The can also says it is veteran owned, and THAT is also a very big deal to me.  Anyway, buy some of this stuff.  

By: Jeff Tyler

Best salsa ever!

Bought some at the fair, been hooked ever since. Mix it with the tomatoes that have the sweet onions in them for a nice sweet and spicy flavor.. Best ever!
By: Matthew

Eileen Greenwood

I have been using HNH for years, I use it in everything !!!!

By: Eileen

OMG Awesome

Me and my husband purchased this at the Ky State Fair in 2012 and OMG is all I can say.  It really is that good.  I shared some of it with my daughter and her family and they love it especially her husband.  Salsa anytime you want without having to go to the store on a constant basis and buying.  If you want a great salsa please get this it’s awesome

By: Robina

It was all gone in a matter of weeks

Smile  Hello, I live in Idaho and I was visiting my hometown in San Antonio, Texas in January. I was helping my sister in law cook a meal. When I noticed the can saying H&H Brand Salsa she said I always use it, maybe it may be something you would like. Well I fell inlove with it. I asked her where did she buy it because I wanted to take some home. I have 4 sons that love hot! stuff. We searched for it in the stores in San Antonio and no luck. So she gave me her can, well one night I fixed up some chichen tostadas with melted cheese added the salsa mix boy! it was the bomb. When I showed them the 8 oz. can boy! they took some home and I tried to save some for me. I then noticed it was getting low, and one day I noticed the phone # and web address. I was so happy, I kept my family in Texas looking for the Salsa’s brand name. Thank you, I am disable and it is easier for me to use the mix. I have used it in my recipes, I will be ordering some soon! Thanks for your product!  

By: Gloria


I bought a can of this at the Greeley, Co Home and Garden Show in March. They had samples couldn’t believe it. This household was always PACE people. Not no more. Everyone just loves it. Also, Thank you all who has served. You are awesome.

Thanks again, Janett

By: Janett Copeland

love it

I use it on everthing from eggs to my poppers add it to cream cheese and chedder cheese and load up the peppers and bake yum!!

By: nancy steele


I must confess, I have never actually used H&H to make salsa! But I love it regardless! I mix it with plain yogurt majority of the time, and eat it with chips or vegetables. I also put it as a seasoning on top of my meats and salads. I have tried the salsa before, but I just havent had the chance to make it yet! I love this stuff, and I’m almost out. Definetly need to buy more. 

By: Sarah


We purchased our first can several years ago at the Fair.

Since then we have been sold on this wonderful product to spice up not only homemade salsa but the store bought stuff also. 

It also works as a great spice for enchaladas

Keep up the good work



By: Mary Steinhouser

I am impressed!!

I first tried the salsa spice at the International Sportsmans Expo. I walked by the booth and the lady offered me a sample. I’ve been in the restaurant business over 30 years and I’m kind of a salsa snob. I normally make my own or go to one of my favorite restaurants. I figured how good could it be? WOW, was I shocked!! This stuff is awesome!! When I told friends about it they laughed thought I was joking. So I made a batch had some friends over, they thought I had made the salsa from scratch and wanted my recipe. 

By: Don

Great salsa makings

Put a xcoop or two in processor with any variety of tomatoes and you have the best salsa inthe world, gives the best flavors.

By: Phil Taylor


We have been using the Hot Salsa mix for 1 year now. We love it. I put it in my homeade chili and any recipe that calls for salsa. We haven’t bought any store bought salsa for over a year. Will continue to use it too. Connie Welches, Oregon

By: Connie R

Endless Uses

Best Pre-Mix Blend of Spices ever! Our Family of 20+ aged sons and their girlfriends Are All Addicted. Sour Cream Hot Mix with POTATO CHIPS, we Call Bomb*** DIP! Just ordered 2 more cans! P.S. had to add a full Scoop to Perfect my Chili.
By: Susan Sanzari






Apricote glaze

I made a Apricot/Orange marmalade glaze using hnh brand salsa mix as my spice.  The hot of the mix and sweet from the jams were a hit.  I glazed a 20 pounds Thanksgiving turkey with it, and ,it was over the top good.  Golden brown and slightly spicey.  I use this salsa mix for everything.  I still haven’t done the salsa yet!  LOL.  By it’s self, it is a great rub for all kinds of meat or poultry.  My new kitchen favorite.

By: Cheryl


Was skeptical when approched to try it at our local street fair. WOW..was i wrong! Loved it and bought some on the spot. Sometimes I add a little red onions, yellow tomatoes and jalepenos from my garden for extra color and crunch. But not needed. Great as is. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes I just found on this web site πŸ™‚

By: Deanne

Love It!

A coworker of mine bought her can of salsa at the TX State Fair four years ago and brought her salsa to our company potluck, it was delicious! I now buy my own can every year at the state fair. My whole family loves it! It’s awesome!

By: Mary Kirby


I am a self proclaimed spice fanatic. I own spices of all kinds by the pound. I make my own seasonings and rubs but I buy 30-second salsa mix several cans at a time–why? Because it is better that I have been able to produce on my own and it is cheaper. I bought this earlier this year at the Taste of Fort Collins festivel and it has quickly become a staple in my kitchens, both at my home and my cabin. you can mix this so many ways, with plain diced tomatoes or kick it up with Rotel (tomatoes and green chilies), and the list goes on and on. Great stuff!

By: dwight andersen

30 Second Salsa!

I have the Mild version of the 30 second salsa, and I am obsessed! I typically add it to sour cream or plain yogurt and it makes a great chip or veggie dip! So delicious. 

By: Sarah


We bought our first can at the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo, and my son ended up eating the whole can! He was 14 at the time and became a salsa pro, he’d make it for his afternoon or late nite snack. Now all grown up, serving in the Navy, I’m sending him some in a care package. It’ll be a nice suprise, wish I could see his face!


Yummy salsa

Just bought a can at our State Fair, super yummy and I love how their is so many other uses!
By: Jill Beauchamp

Erie County Fair, NY

What a long way to travel to spread your genius! Thank you so much! Your HOT! salsa is A-MA-ZING! …Alan & Kirsten

By: Alan & Kirsten Skeldon

Hardwood Floor Company Owner

My wife went to a TASN (Texas Association for School Nutrition) conference in Denver. She personally did not get a sample of the H&H Brand Salsa. The lady with her actually got the product and was about to leave it behind in an effort to reduce the weight of her bag. My wife (whom works for Spring I.S.D. Child Nutrition in Spring, Texas) decided she would bring it home. Our entire family is glad she did so. The stuff is AWESOME!!!! I hope that one day we will see it in Kroger, HEB and Randall’s. Watch out Pace…there’s a new salsa in town and it just might win over the people looking for change and cost reduction. Again…AWESOME guys. Keep up the great work.

By: David Fuentes


My family just loves this salsa mix. I have always made my own home made salsa, but now that I found H&H this is all i make..I have used in soups and dips it never fails me. LOVE LOVE H&H Brand salsa!!!

By: Michelle

our most used product

This makes the best salsa we have ever eaten. To our great surprise it’s better than our homemade stuff. Also, we use it to spice up, meat eggs salads veggies cassaroles soups, we put it on everything we eat except fruit and desserts:)


Good but better this way!!!! please read

Use hunts fire roasted tomatoes. Wow soooo good
By: LT


Received as a gift from a sister-in-lwa from Texas.  Best mix I’ve tasted.  Will continue to purchase.

By: Gail Vonderheid

You’ll love it, I guarantee it

We absolutely LOVE this mix. When we make a batch we don’t stop eating it until it’s gone. Even the teenage grand kids love it! It’s also great mixed with sour cream. We add onion and fresh cilantro even though you don’t have to – try it, you’ll love it!!

By: Cathy


I tried this at a trade show and bought one can for myself as i love quick nachos with salsa, but my husband doesn’t. Now I can whip us fresh salsa (I like to use fresh plum or roma tomatoes 6-8 of them) and with one scoopful-i make enough for me to last 1-2 weeks and it is sooooooooooo yummy! I can’t brag about it enough!!!! Thank you so much for making this soooooooo easy!!!!!

By: Dee Jacobs

Simply Put:

Yummmmmmmm ’nuff said!
By: Debbe

Oh my gosh !!!!!

Embarassed My sister/n/law brought this at Christmas from Denver, we were blown away!!!! Thw best ever !!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much and “GOD BLESS AMERICA” our son is a Veteran also. Marselle Waldrop & her friends LOL

By: Marselle Waldrop


I love salsa but I hate to make it, this mix is the BEST ever. I can mix it as hot or as milded a needed. I use 1 can of crushed tomatoes to 2 1/2 scoops of mix.  Can’t go wrong with this mix.

By: Ellen B.

The Best!

We tried this at a festival and purchased both versions.  We do a lot of motorcycling and ATV riding.  With 30-Second Salsa, I can make this on the road, out in the field, just about anywhere cause I don’t need to keep it refridgerated.  I buy small containers at the Dollar Store, pre-measure my salsa mix in the bowl and carry it along.  Open the can of tomatoes with my trusty P38 and we’ve got fresh salsa!  We dispose of the bowls appropriately or save them if we are somewhere to wash them.  If we are traveling for a longer period, I just scoop a bunch in a ziplock bag and stick it in a stack of bowls.  People can’t believe I made fresh salsa out of the ingredients in a saddle bag.  If you can score an avocado and cut it up in the salsa – double goodness.

Love it for seasoning everything at home too!

By: TrailerTrash


we bought your salsa mix at the ohio state fair in sept and cant get enough of it. we put it in everything. its so great. we got the mild and wish we would have gotten the hot. its so easy to make. keep up the good work.

By: ben r

GREAT !!!!

This mix is great,easy for taking camping used at at BBQ and everyone was asking who made the salsa !

By: Cynthia

Best salsa

What I like about it so much is that when people ask me who made this I tell them I did. All I get is how great the taste is. This is the best salsa I have had ever. Love it.
By: Bob

Oh My Goodness ~ WOW!!!

Let me start by saying we are NOT salsa eaters.  We never understood the draw.  On occasion we would come across a home~made salsa that was wonderful, but I could never recreate it………????  Then we went to the fair and this crazy guy was pushing his wares………  Well I & he thought my kids & I would eat all he had, leaving nothing for anyone else!!!!  It was the most amazing salsa I EVER tasted!!!!!  We bought a can and I make it about once a week {actually 2 batches a week ~ A mild one for the kids and a hot one for me!}  Now 6 months later we need another can!  We will never be without this salsa mix……always one on the counter and one in the pantry!!  Thank you H&H…….GREAT JOB!!!

By: Gretchen Knapp


I brought this salsa seasoning a few years ago at the State Fair of Texas.  Every year I always make a beeline to get some.  It is quick and easy, but most of all it tastes great.  When I went to the fair this year(2011) they were not at the usual place.  I panicked.  As I was leaving the marketplace I turned to the left and there they were.  I tried the sample with sour cream, fantastic.  Going to make some tonight.  I wanted to experiment and try using pico de gallo instead of the dice tomatoes.  It was out of this world!!!! When I take it to work and they ask me where did I buy the salsa, I tell them I made it.  In a way I did….with some help from H&H.


Cynthia Brookins


By: Cynthia Brookins

Always a Hit!

We bought our first container of 30 second salsa at the Taste of Colorado in 2008.  We went back every year to buy it.  This year, we either couldn’t find your booth, or you didn’t come (one of the main reasons we go to the Taste!).  We use this mix for our get togethers in sour cream, guac and of course for salsa.  We learned a long time ago to put the can by the dips because people constantly ask where we got it from. We love your mix, and love it even more because H&H is VETERAN OWNED!!!!!  Can’t wait to get our next container in the mail – and we hope you come back to Taste of Colorado in 2012.

By: Kynnie Martin

Won me over…

 I have bought many containers as presents for family, friends and neighbors, One of my neighbors brought potato salad over to bbq with a scoop of salsa mix in it and everyone loved it…. Who would have thought… Try it….

By: Bren Lewis

This is the best ever!

My husband and I purchased a can of the mild salsa mix a couple of years ago at the Texas State Fair. It is wonderful! We have since moved to Riverside, California and I was hoping I would be able to re-order. Imagine my surprise when I read the can and found out it is made right here in Riverside! Plus, it’s Veteran owned, and that makes it even more special

Buy some for yourself! Buy some as gifts! Buy some for everyone you know! You won’t be disappointed!

By: Teresa Parten


I found this wonderful treat at the Fort Worth Stockshow. While I was listening to the vender’s spill, 2 couples walked up saying they came this year just for this spicy mix! They raved about it so much, I bought 3 cans. Of course, I just had to try it right away — was blown away! I’ve used in homemade soups, chili, dips, rubs for meat on the grill, veggies, and, of course, salsa (it’s great by itself w/ the diced tomatoes but even better adding a little onions & cilantro). I returned before the show closed and bought 2 more cans. I had to give one can to my brother-in-law who loves to cook and couldn’t wait to hear what he thought. Spent the night at their house, after going out for the night, returned to their house and he was hungry (I had brought some cans of diced tomatoes knowing he had the mix) so I suggested making the salsa. I got his can down and it hadn’t been opened yet (skeptic)! I made some salsa and he and his family are now hooked. Even added to a sour cream dip they make nearly every weekend during the summer and it added such a kick, they now make it a staple. I guarantee he has now added it to every meal as I have. At work I often bring soups, etc. to share, which I add the spicy mix to and as with any good find I think is wonderful, I shout it from the mountaintops!! I’ve already taken orders for the State Fair — Thanks again — I can basically clear out my cabinet of most spices that I no longer use. It’s hard to impress a Texan with spicy anything (usually no one hits the mark) but I’m sold on this product forever!!!!

By: Erin

Best Hot Sauce ever!!!

I purchased this hot sauce mix at the Ft. Worth, TX Livestock show.  We are hooked on it and I gave some for Christmas gifts and everyone loved it.  I now order for all my friends by the case so we get free shipping and when it comes in I distribute it and they pay me back.  You gotta get some.

By: Shirley Arnold


I was definitely impressed. Bought mine at the fresno fair just today! wow if I didnt have to pay the fair price, I would go in just to buy a few more cans of this stuff. We made it several times just in one day it was so good. Can’t wait to try it on some bbq!

By: Christin

This is the best stuff!!

September 18, 2011

This is the best salsa EVER!  We first tried it at a Goldwing motorcycle rally and I bought a can.  I will not buy any more store bought!  When you make it, you can adjust how much of a scoop to put in the tomatoes to make it mild or spicer for the salsa.  There is nothing I have found that is better.  Keep up the good work.  This is just the best stuff.  I am getting other people hooked on it.  They love it!!

By: Shawn Irons


Tongue outTongue outLaughing My husband and I bought this salsa mix at our county fair this year! We seen it the year before and had decided not to get it (bad decision)! It is the best easiest salsa to make and enjoy! I recently made the meatball recipe! People are raving about it! Since I bought it, I order more of the mix and the chicken spice! All I have to say is don’t wait buy it, you will never regret it!! YUMMY!!!

By: Barbara Smith


This product is AMAZING!!! I am a busy mom and this is perfect for my lifestyle. My 13 year old son can make his own and eat the whole thing.  I love volunteering now to bring chips and HOMEMADE salsa to parties now….. AND everyone raves about MY salsa….. I just grin and giggle. Then I break down and tell them ‘my’ secret. Thanks for being ‘my’ secret……

By: CaroLee Arscott

Seriously awesome!

My husband brought this salsa home from an event and called my gift. I was doubtful but this is some seriously awesome salsa!

By: Raschell Bailey

Absolutely Amazing!

I bought my first can at the Las Vegas Harvest Festival several years ago. I have used it to make many many dishes. The salsa is absolutely delicious and you can raise or lower the heat meter! I have bought several dozen to give as gifts to many family and friends! They all love it! It’s now a family secret receipe!

By: Carmen Fannin

3 cheers for the best salsa, yiippee!!!

I eat alot of salsa at home, resturants, and try lots of other people’s salsa. This is very good salsa

I bought my first can at the Merced County Fair 2010 and love it.  Hard to believe that a great tasting salsa is so easy to make, 1 can of dice tomatoes, I add onions, and you have a great salsa.

Easy and fast to make when you need to take somethings to an event  and people love it.

By: Mike MacKenzie


I bought this at the State Fair. I was very skeptical. This product made some of the best salsa I have had. I would highly recommend this.

By: Brad Hastings

All in One Seasoning

Bought my first can a couple of months ago @ McKinney trade days in Texas. Just re-ordered 5 cans from you. My friends were impressed. A scoop in a pound of hamburger makes the best burgers ever. I’ve used it as a meat rub for venison, beef & chicken as well as seasoned all kinds of veggies in the pan & on the grill. The dips I make are awsome, the uses are only limited by your imagination. My can stays on the counter all the time. Did I forget to mention the scrambled eggs. About the only thing I haven’t tried it on is ice cream!!! The best part is, its all natural.

By: Greg Newcomb

Quality Ingredients

I bought this stuff at the Sequim Lavendar Festival……it is fantastic, simple and delicious. I am hooked!

By: John

This stuff Rocks.

I saw this salsa mix at the Kern Co. fair two years ago and now it is my regular go to when I need salsa. I can make it as hot or mild as I chose. The great part is when I have friends ask for my recipe I simply tell them “If I told you I would then have to kill you”. People love it. My Son-In-Law servinbg in Afganistan took a can with him and the solders loved it.  I have another versionyou might suggest,  I use Crushed tomatoes for a saucier salsa. People like that as well.

By: MIchael Bush


Love The stuff!!!!

I bought this at the Banning Cherry Festival, I usually don’t buy things at a fair, but… was so good I couldn’t pass it up. Even my husband said to go ahead and get it. My kids love it!!! It is so easy to make, my kids love to make make it for an after school snack with chips. They love to tell their friends that they made the salsa themselves.


By: Marleen Starkey


Hi from Georgetown, California.  I am here to tell you this was the best $23.00 I ever spent.  I was introduced to this product at the fair in Cottonwood,Arizona, while on vacation at my sister’s.  I always try samples, but rarely ever buy.  I am so glad I took the leap on this one.  I take it on my horse trips, to barbacues and most of all, always fresh salsa in my refer.  I am always giving my friends your email.  Are you marketing this in California?  Our state fair starts soon.  I’ll look for youm there.  A fan, Jeanette

By: Jeanette Smart


I bought this stuff from the San Diego County fair over the weekend, and was a little skeptical at first.

I thought it tasted too good to be true to just mix with a can of tomatoes.  Let me tell you…….This stuff

ROCKS! So far I have made 3 batches in 2 days, I LOVE IT! If you don’t own a can, Buy one now! I swear,

you won’t be dissapointed.


By: Jennifer Smith

Simply, the best!

Hello from Dallas TX!  I am a huge Tex-Mex fan, and always judge a restaurant by their chips and salsa.  Well, the day I find a restaurant with salsa as good as H&H salsa, I’ll have found a little piece of Heaven right here on Earth!  Your 30-second salsa is fabulous!  So simple to make, yet tastes like you spent hours preparing it; I am a fan for life!  Thank you H&H!!

By: Jason Ponton

Awesome Mix

I make homemade salsa but this is so easy and so good that I might just quit. I’m buying this for Christmas gifts!!! Thanks for crossing my path! Angi in AZ

By: Angi

Best Salsa Ever

Tasted H&H 30-second salsa at a farmers market in Beaverton Oregon, a few years back, and bought only one can. What a mistake, should have bought more. Made my own salsa for many years and this is by far the best. I make as directed and sometimes add a couple of habanero peppers and a teaspoon of chili oil to spice it up a little when relatives come. It’s great on salads and tacos.

Thanks for making such a great product.

By: Morin Juncker

30 Second Salsa

I tasted this product at the fair and bought a container. I love it, lasted so far about 9 months and I just reordered more. It is so much better than store bought salsa and takes just a minute to put together.

Not only do I now save $ on salsa but because its so easy to make there is always fresh salsa.

I can’t wait to try the chicken seasoning.


Thanks H&H good stuff!


Lee in Vegas!

By: Lee Boyd

A Million+ Uses!!!

I purchased my first cans of this fantastic mix 5+ years ago at the Los Angeles County Fair when I lived in California.  I moved to N.C. almost 5 years ago and just place another order for 5 more cans.  This mix is simply the best!  Not only for excellent SALSA, but the uses are unlimited.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and try using it in everything.  Well, may be not sweets, but everything else is great!  Cooked recipes or dips, etc. are all better with H and H Salsa Mix!!!

By: Chuck Varney

Charlie The Salsa King

I’ve been making my own Salsa at home and in restaurants and bars I have owned over the last 20 years and always thought I had the BEST salsa, made from the freshest ingredients.  Well, I can truly say that I had the freshest ingredients and the 2nd Best Salsa after I was introduced to H & H 30 second Salsa by a friend of mine!  I’m telling anyone that will listen about this Salsa!  My Christmas shopping will be done by July of every year now…cuz I am only giving H & H Salsa as gifts from now on!  AWESOME product!  I have already worked it into about 87 other recipes…you can put this in anything and it will make it better!

By: Charlie Fitzgerald


We tried the mix at the Denver National Stock show and loved it.  Unfortunately, I did not realize just how much and we only bought one can!!!  It has gone quickly and we NEED more!  It is great as salsa mix, but even better as a dip mix with sour cream, and to spice up dinner menus!

By: Brenda

Can’t live without this mix!

My husband and I first tasted H&H at the Alameda County fair in California.  Since then, we use the mix every week – for salsa, stir frys, sprinkled on chicken or fish, for soups, you name it.  We love the “hot”.  It is so much more than just a salsa mix!

Jo Anne G.

By: Jo Anne Gonzalez

the best

My wife and I love salsa we have tried many kinds over the years and none compare to 30 second salsa.My mother and step father turned us on to this brand and the last few days we have literally been living off this stuff its that good lol.

By: shawn and emily tidey


“I have just tried for the first time the “H&H Brandβ€œ 30 Second Salsa, Mild and Hot. It is the best I have ever had! Easy to make and so delicious, as a matter of fact it is so delicious that there was no way I could stop eating it. The only complaint I might have is that this Salsa is highly addictive – once you’ve had it you will never touch another one. Excellent.


WOW!!!!that is the word that comes out of my friends mouths when they have a bite of

the hot salsa.   They ask and I tell and give them the information of where to purchase

this great mix.  I personally love this stuff and it is sooo easy to make and just the

right amount for my husband and I to munch on.  So for those of you that have not

stopped and tried this at the Forth Worth Stock Show, you do not know what you are

missing.  Try it next time and you will fall in love with it.. It is just sooo simple to

whip up.

By: Leann Hoff

Delicious, Quick, Never Making my Own Again!

Can’t say enough about the GREATNESS of this mix.  Amazingly quick and easy.  Add a twist of your own or enjoy just as H & H recommends making it!  Don’t have petite diced tomatoes, use regular (chop on your own – or not, depending on preference).  Want just a little more?  Add a chopped roma tomato.  I ALWAYS keep it in the house and can throw it together in a moment’s notice.   

By: Karen Van Amerongen


I add fresh cilantro and green onions to my 30 second salsa and people always ask how I make it. I do believe I have forgotten how to make salsa without this wonderful mix. I also add it to meatloaf and soups.

By: Cyndi Newell


   I’ve tried every kind of salsa their is and by far this is the best, I’ve got the whole family using it. Never thought to use it for a rub on meat good idea I have used it in my chili very good. I enjoy the great salsa mix keep it up.

By: Brad Thomas

Moose Lodge kitchen coord.

Here at the Moose Lodge in Northern California, we serve the H & H salsa mix in our salsa’s during our thursday night Taco night.  Everyone, including young and old love this salsa…We advertise it as homemade, and its the perfect compliment to our meals.  We are asked every night we serve for the recipe, but like a magicians tricks….we dont give out our secrets!  We want them to keep coming  back and patronizing our lodge!

By: Rich

Super Salsa

Every party thay I bring this salsa to generates 3 or 4 new customers.  People can’t believe this great taste didn’t take a lot of kitchen work and a long list of ingredients.  This is a great product and a kitchen staple in our home for many years.

Marty G

By: Martin Gosciniak

The best salsa / sour cream dip mix ever!!

I received the hot mix as a gift and wanted to try it out.  I didn’t have any tomatoes, but I did have sour cream.  I mixed it with the sour cream and now I am HOOKED.  The H&H Brand 30 Second Salsa make the BEST SOUR CREAM DIP EVER!!!!!!!!  I always have sour cream in the refrigerator and within seconds I can have salsa flavored sour cream dip — AWESOME!   

By: Kyle Jackson

Perfect Salsa

We purchased a can a couple of years ago at the North Idaho Fair and have been addicted to it ever since. We always buy 3-4 cans each time we find it. It makes great salsa fast! We also use it in other dips!!


By: Larry Breazeal

The Spice Mix Best Salsa Mix

My husband & I have been using your salsa for several years.  Not only is it the perfect start to making salsa it adds the perfect kick to your favorite dishes. I wouldn’t make Chicken Tortilla Soup, Guacamole or Meat Loaf without it.  My husband uses the extra hot in his barbeque rub.  The mix is the perfect seasoning for so many things, you won’t be disapointed.  Try it!

By: Kelli

AWESOME product

I am a chips and salsa junky!  And this product has taken all the work out of making homemade salsa!  It is truly a cinch to make and gets rave reviews every time I share it with friends!  I’ve even started giving 30-second salsa mixes as gifts!  Its such a good product with just the right amount of spice and heat!  πŸ™‚

By: B ree

Fresh salsa in seconds!

We found 30 Second Salsa at, of all places, a new car auto show in Albuquerque, New Mexico! My husband and I were very skeptical when we accepted a sample, but that’s all it took. One bite and we knew we had to buy a canister of the mix! We’ve tried so many supermarket salsas only to be disappointed because they lack flavor price. Some are just plain awful, not to mention the ridiculous price! With 30 Second Salsa fresh salsa is as close as your pantry. You make it fresh each time, so you don’t have to worry about spoilage. We love it!

Jim and Donna Little

By: Donna


This is a great salsa and very easy to use.  It has been a hit at all of our entertaining.

By: Temple

For everyday use!

I purchased my first can of 30 Second Salsa about 4-5 years ago at the Date Festival in Indio California.  I use it everyday, it’s great to use on meats, and in soups.  I give a can as a gift for the person that has everything!!


Thank you for such a wonderful product!



By: Amy Stone

The Best Salsa Mix!

The Best Salsa Mix anywhere!   My girlfriend and I bought a can when you were doing a demo at the Seattle Christmas show a few years ago.  We’ve spread the word ever since.  We’ve placed an order online for ourselves and a few of our friends to get the discount and save on shipping.  We would LOVE it if we could buy it at our local stores!  Or even Costco…. can you imagine the demo lines! 

By: Gelene Legault

OH So Great !!

  We love this stuff, all our guests enjoy this Salsa as well. Enjoy serving this all the time & we bring it to other parties as well. It is always a big hit. Don’t know what your miss’n until you have tried this. Fabulous Flavor, simple and easy to serve!




By: Aj

A Party Must!

We have taken this salsa to family reunions and parties for years now.  Everyone loves it and now expects it whenever there is a get together. Easiest pot-luck dish ever made – we all love it πŸ™‚

By: Wendi & Bobby Vodden


we bought your SALSA MIX at a fair in Eureka Springs AR. We used it for salsa and loved it then were making

guacamole dip and thought about adding some. It’s makes all the difference!!!  Now we take guacamole/chips everywhere

and are always ask for our recipe.


Ohhh So Good!

We sampled and purchased a can of the Hot Salsa at the Stockton asparagas festival.  We haven’t had my house without a can since than and that was 2 years ago.  It is fast and easy for the impromptu gatherings at the house.  I have also gifted cans to friends who have raved about it.  You can make a great gift backet with a can of H&H and add all the can’s of tomotoes and trinkets to accompany it.

I as well wish we could buy this locally so we would not have to wait for the fairs to come to town and stock up or paying the shipping costs.

California’s biggest fan of H&H Salsa!

By: Karen Fry


We love your product.  starting using it three years ago.  would be nice to be able to buy it at our local safeway store in portland or.  Love it!!!

By: clayton cottardi

So Delish!

When we lived in WA, my neighbor bought this at the fair and loved it , so she then ordered me a can because I love to cook and make my own salsa. Now that we have moved to Hawaii we have to order online.  I hate to pay shipping, but this salsa mix is SO worth it!  My husband and I love this salsa, especially when I don’t feel like putting all the work into making homemade.  But, now I use H & H in all sorts of things, the best being Mexican cornbread!  But, chili, tacos, soups and much more are made so much better when H & H is added! 

By: Jewlee Knapp

A staple at our house!

We purchased this at the Puyallup fair in Washington a number of years ago.  It is a fast and convient product to have in the house.  It is also very economical. If you use much salsa at your house, you know how expensive the name brands can be!  We now purchase it over the internet and it has become a staple in our house!

By: Teri

Easy Easy & A Crowd Pleasure

One of my collegues turned me on to this and it is so simple and good. I have used other kinds of tomatoes like Chipoltle diced tomatoes, Tomatillos, Purple Onions or Extra Cilantro for variations and YUM! The spices are balanced perfectly. It absolutely does what it says it does. Love It!

By: Doreen

frequent user

Three or four years ago I saw your salsa at the Quartzsite RV show. Thought it would probably not be too good. The next year I gave it a try. Great, and I have been making salsa for 50 years.  We travel, and always carrry a can with us, because it is so handy to mix up to have at our Happy hour.

By: Patrick Killday

SO DELICIOUS been using this for at least 5 years – 1st found it at Calif State Fair but now order it on line.  Everyone loves it & is amazed that it only takes couple of minutes to make the BEST SALSA EVER!!!! 

Wish I could find it locally so wouldn’t have to pay shipping

By: Chrissie

Can’t live without it!

Dear H&H, we just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE your product. We are a small family of four. Every time we would purchase traditional salsa in the grocery store, it would go bad within a few days. It was hard to keep a fresh batch around. Now, we can keep a few cans in our pantry and mix it up as needed, and once mixed it keeps much longer. It’s so easy to make, the flavor is fantastic, and even our picky kids love it! Thank you H&H – you ROCK!!!!!!!!!

By: Kate & Kevin Scott

My Secret Ingredient

I’m sure you probably don’t want me to keep this a secret, but everyone LOVES my mexican dishes!  Sautee these spices in a little Olive Oil and you can make sauces that are to die for!  Sautee and mix with enchilada sauce, refried beans, sour cream……I love it!

By: Kelli


This stuff is great. Used to make my own and got raves. We were down in Arizona and an RV neighbor let me try some, loved it and ordered a big can on line. So easy, a can of rotels, a can of fire roasted tomato, squeeze of a lime, a worl in the blender and you have salsa just like in some of the best mexican restaurants.
By: Lisa bausch

Best Ever!

This is the best ever! We always have this on hand and use it all the time for salsa and seasoning..



By: Tommy Cooper


When I recieved “Burn your bun’s Hot” as a gift, I was doubtful.   Now I can’t live without it.   So good on shrimp on the grill and anything else that likes a little kick!

It’s really good to have near a can of diced tomatoes in the horse trailer for horse shows or after trail rides.  I keep some in the cabin where there is no electricity.  My friend says everyone at the rodeos call her “Martha Stewart with spurs” because they think she makes it from scratch out of her pickup!

Fabulous flavor, versitile,  so fast!   Thanks!


By: Elaine

Great Salsa

I bought a can of your salsa at the Western Washington State fair after sampling it 3 years ago.  Since then I have been ordering it for me and friends from your internet site. We use it every time we cook Mexican. It is our standard. Every one who tries it loves the taste. I am running low again so you will be getting an order soon. Thanks for a great product.

By: Les Prock

Really Good Salsa

My husband baught a can of this salsa after sampling it at our local farmer’s market downtown Lodi, CA.  He just loves it.  Very easy to make.  He can do it himself.  This is great in other recipes too.  When summer was over and no more farmer’s markets we had to go on line to order more.  Thanks for being there.  My husband is hooked!

By: Lennie N.

30 second salsa

I purchased my can of 30 Second Salsa at the San Diego Home Show a couple of years ago.  I have been a repeat customer many times.  It is the BEST and the most convienent product I have in my kitchen.  If we are having friends over last minute and I need a quick appitizer…no problem..a couple of ripe avacado’s and a scoop of seasoning and wha-la guacamole.  Everyone just goes crazy for it.  I love to season my ground turkey meat to make turkey burgers.  Yum!!  Salsa is a snap…can of diced tomatoes and a scoop of seasoning and bam! Salsa!  There are many many places to use your 30 Second Salsa in your kitchen.  I highly recommend.  One can of H&H Brand lasts a long time.

By: Nancy Gold

Miracle …..

Amazing …. 2 years ago I sampled and bought several cans of Salsa mix at Havazu street fair…..I shared it with family and friends and have ordered on the computer since (a little hard to reach). I made the trip from CA to AZ again this year to the same Fair hoping to buy “a supply” … yaaa they were there and I bought  a few more cans, actually my friends gave me orders for some.

I have used it in recipes and recently made pineapple and mango salsa with it….DELICIOUS


The Best Mix

I have used 30 sec. salsa for everything and my family loves it…however its our company that really goes crazy over it.  I always keep an extra can so I can give away.  Thank you.

By: Spurgeon

Great idea – can’t get enough

We first purchased your salsa several years ago at an Oregon home show.  For awhile, we didn’t see it, and purchased it online.  It would be great if the product were offered in the stores.  I like to buy some of each (mild and hot) and mix them for the perfect blend for my family.

Thank you so much for continuing to sell this product – we absolutely love the salsa – it is easy to make and always fresh. 

By: Leslie